Travel: Packing Light!

I recently went to Hawaii and was given the challenge of a single 20kg bag – dun Dun DUNNNN! This may seem like a lot but Hawaii has some awesome shopping opportunities which meant that I had to pack light to be able to shop til my heart was content! Here are a couple of tips and tricks I learnt along the way.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 6.55.53 PM

(I couldn’t find a photo of me packing or anything relevant to this blog post so here’s a pic of me floatin’ ’round Hawaii.)

Layer up and wear your heaviest clothes! If you’re planning on taking jeans, runners and a coat – save some room in your suitcase and just wear it on the plane! You can take your coat off and use it as a blanket (planes get super cold – especially long distance flights), you can kick your runners off (just make sure your feet don’t smell!) and just make sure your jeans have a bit of elasticity in them and you’re good to go!

This is the best time to use up all those samples that have been collecting dust in the back of your vanity draw (or in a shoebox under the bed #guiltyofboth). Think of the climate you’ll be heading to.

If it’s warm, look for:

  • sunscreen/spf containing moisturisers
  • light weight moisturisers
  • serums

If it’ll be cold, take sample sachets of:

  • night creams
  • thick moisturising creams
  • face masks
  • shampoos and conditioners with nourishing oils

Use this same thought process for makeup too whilst also looking for multi purpose products to save you some space.

  • matte brown eyeshadow – contour and eyeshadow
  • muted pink lipstick – blush and lipstick and eyeshadow
  • brow powder – eyeshadow, smudged liner and brows
  • brown mascara – eyebrow gel and mascara
  • sunscreen/moisturiser + sample pot size of your fave foundation – tinted moisturiser

Think about the location you’re going to! Do they have drugstores that you could buy products from? Are you planning on buying makeup there anyway? (e.g America trip!) Also – do you have any products that are nearing their life’s end – make use of them and then throw them out whilst you’re there!

I hope this quick tips help with your packing! Let me know if you’re travelling sometime soon in the comments below so I can be jealous 😀

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