Piñata Cake!

Ever wanted to spruce up a basic cake? Well here’s the best way! Add a little surprise for the birthday girl/boy when she/he cuts the cake! Make it – A PIÑATA!


Looks like a normal cake right? BUT IT’s NOT!

It’s SUPER EASY to make and your cake-eaters will appreciate the added crunch!

You will need:
Cake mix/ Ingredients to bake a cake

(Easy, right?)

So first, bake a cake – doesn’t matter about the flavour, size or shape (though round works best), and let it cool. Then, cut the cake in half horizontally. You should now have a top/lid and a base. Using a small upside down bowl and a knife, cut a circle in the base and make a hole. Fill this hole with your choice of button/ball like chocolates/lollies. Let’s say, MnMs. Your cake should now look like this:


Now, ice the top ring of cake that surrounds the little well you’ve made.


Now, place the lid part of the cake on top and ice the whole cake, filling any gaps between layers of cake.


Cut it open and voila!



Don’t forget to recreate it and share with me! Use the hashtag #bakingbymeneka on instagram to let me see how you’ve done!

❤ Meneka


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