My Face!

I’m no pro at doing my face, but, with the right products, I have managed to fool people into thinking that I actually know what I’m doing!


I always get compliments on how smooth, soft and mark free my face is and I think its because I only wear foundation when I go out to parties/balls/fancy events. (I’ll make another post about my skin care routine sometime soon.)

Here is my usual routine! Please note that I have super sensitive skin that has uneven pigmentation and is dry in some places and not in others. (Yeah my skin has issues!)


MAC Prep & Prime Moisture Infusion
RRP $65


This is one of the only liquidy kind of primer that I trust on my face. I usually lather some Cetaphil moisturiser cream on, let it soak for 30 minutes then dab off the excess. My skin would then feel soft and some-what cold. I then squirt some of the primer on to my hand and then dab it onto my face in a circle. I then spread it from the centre of my face towards the outside.
– Scent free
– Non-sticky
– Does not keep my face completely oil free
– Does not last as long as other products
Would I buy it again?
Probably not. I would probably look for something a little cheaper and more accessible. I would also like a primer that lasts longer and makes my makeup look a little more matte.


MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter (in Peach Lustre)
RRP $42


Finding the perfect highlighter is as hard as finding the perfect foundation for me. A lot of “drugstore brands” or “brands readily available at supermarkets/chemists”  have more of the whiter and lighter tones than the peach tones. For my brown skin, I require this peach colour to lighten the darker pigmented area towards the bottom half of my face. I dab this from the edge of my lips and spread outwards.
– Does the job I want it to do – Lighten up parts of my face.
– Feels light on my skin
– No scent
– Sometimes comes off a little too peachy if not covered well with foundation. (Probably my fault though)
– The packaging is a twist brush where the highlighter always comes oozing out giving me way too much product than i use so then I a) use it all to not waste it and end up looking orange or b) put the cap on it to try and keep it for later but then it just spreads all over the place and causes a mess.
Would I buy it again?
I think i will definitely look into another product! I quite liked the Nars Illuminator but I don’t think it would be quite enough. Anyone have any suggestions?


MAC Mineralize Concealer (in NW35)
RRP $38


Yay concealer! Thank you for making me look alive even after 1 hour of sleep. I use this around my eyes and my mouth area. Usually people use this over their foundation but I like to use it both under and over.
– Good coverage
– Blends well
– Light on the skin
– In the summer time, it’s a bit chalkier because it would then be too light. I just heap a whole bunch of foundation on top instead. How do you deal with seasonal changes on your skin tone?
Would I buy it again?
I want to try another concealer with more of a pigment!


MAC Select Cover-Up in both NW 25 and NW30
RRP $32 each


I use these over my concealer and highlighter to even out my skin tone. I use these mostly in winter when my skin is paler because that’s one of the many things that sucks about being brown. There is a HUUUUGE difference in skin tones between seasons.
No pros and no cons really. They’re “eh”. I could probably buy cheaper brands of these but bought this from mac in the hope that it blends with ease with the rest of my foundation.


NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen
(in Medium 2 Annapurna)
RRP $56


 I use this as a “highlighter/illuminator” and I love it!
– Illuminates
– Blends well
– It makes me break out into small bumps :(((((((((((((((
– Without a powder on top, it can look a little shiny.


MAC Face and Body Foundation (in C5)
RRP $49


Yay my foundation! This USED to be my most favourite foundation! But I have now found that it doesn’t have enough coverage and is quite light. Its fairly decent foundation but I’m on the hunt for something a bit better.


YSL Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder
(I don’t remember how much I bought this for but I think it was around $70)


Bronzes but isn’t very pigmented. Am on the hunt for a new one at the moment and am looking into NARS!

So, thats my face! Mind you this is alllll just to get my colour tone evened out. Theres still eye products, lip products and blush!!! D::::

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