Mini Lush Haul

So Lush had an AMAAAAZING 50% off their xmas stock and other items on Boxing Day! Unfortunately I completely forgot to go in store when I was at the shops and by the time I remembered there was barely any stock left. So, I bought it online 😀 ! Lush AU comes with $10 shipping which was worth it because it sure beats having to run from store to store trying to find items!


I didn’t buy much because, well, there wasn’t much left 😦


But, I did buy:

Little Snow Fairy Gift (1kg)
RRP $13.95

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

So after hearing everyone rave about this Shower Gel, I decided to buy myself a bottle just to see what it was all about. To be completely honest, I didn’t get the hype. It’s a shower gel………. It smelt nice and was pink so yay but other than that? It didn’t leave my skin feeling as soft as I had hoped and after a while, the smell becomes too much.
Repurchase?: Probably not.

Pink Fun Soap Bar

This came with the Snow Fairy Shower Gel which was my main purchase so I didn’t really want this BUT OMG ITS SAH GOOD. Drop this in the shower? No worries! I hate having a new bar of soap with a dented corner from dropping it on the floor but since this soap is all squishy I can just mould it back into place!
Repurchase?: Yes! I want more colours!

Lust Solid Perfume (12g)
RRP $7.95




Even though I read the size, I certainly did not expect it to be so small! When I read “solid perfume”, I expected something along the lines of roll on deodorant but nope, it is legit solid. perfume. It doesn’t take a lot for the scent to rub on so I guess even though it’s small, it will last a bit. I didn’t like the packaging. It’s not a twist but a push from the bottom. The scent is sweet but musty – not my usual scent but still pleasant and wearable!
Repurchase?: Probably not.

Santa’s Lip Scrub (25g)
RRP $9.95


This was a re-purchase! The Santa’s Lip Scrub and Bubblegum Lip Scrub are my two favourites! I love the taste of them AND they actually do what they promise! Tastes like cola 😀
Repurchase?: Yeeeeeeees!

Soft Coeur Massage Bar (30g)



This makes my skin feel so soft and look shiny! I’m not at the middle yet, but apparently it melts all over! The massage bar was a lot smaller than what I expected (yes I know I should’ve paid attention to the sizes) but I guess it’s a more  convenient size? Smells vanilla-y and nice!
Repurchase?: Most likely in winter.

Whoosh Jelly (240g)
RRP $12.95

I read somewhere that this was perfect for cleaning makeup brushes with and boy was it right! I just swivel my damp brush on the top of the jelly and then wash is off a few times. It doesn’t take much product either.
For shower use, I cut the jelly into pieces and use a piece per shower. The smell is so freshening with lemon and lime!
Repurchase?: Yes! Definitely!


Sugar Scrub
RRP $6.50




So Lush sent this along with the rest of my parcel to apologise for the delay in shipping. Um, no worries! I made the mistake of using this all all together and the water made it disintegrate 😦 I should’ve crushed it up and used it bit by bit. My normal body scrub is Frank Coffee Scrub which is a lot finer than this. The sugar scrub was very coarse and rough on my skin. The scent was very strong yet refreshing.
Repurchase?: No, not really.

More Lush products I want to try:
D’Fluff Shaving Soap
Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo
Ocean Salt Scrub
Sea Spray

Anyone have any favourites to recommend?

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