Blackout Face Mask Review

So recently I tried a new face mask – Blackout Mask! Made from 100% all natural ingredients: aloe vera, coconut oil, activated charcoal (What on earth is activated charcoal? Just wait for it) and Aqua, it promises to leave your skin free of any impurities whilst hydrating and firming and reducing bumps, lumps and redness. It’s also meant to draw out any dirt and left over makeup!

Okay back to activated charcoal. What is it and why is it good? When I think of activated charcoal I think of hot coal that has just been burnt by a volcanic eruption…. But surely that’s not it right…

Scientifically, activated charcoal is charcoal that has been “treated” with oxygen to open millions of pores in its structure. This increases the surface area available for adsorption – where one item passes into another which helps with removing dirt from the skin!

Do I r8? ^ thats “rate” by the way. I was trying to be cool. This is the first face mask I have used that didn’t sting like crazy when I put it on! The NKD face mask went on like cement and stung as soon as it hit my skin. I had a pimple that day and it left me with a huge scar 😥 I’ve also tried Cactus SkinCare white clay mask which stung as well… Maybe it’s the clay that does it…

The Blackout mask was so smooth and silky to put on. It was literally like painting your face with poster paint. The mask comes with a little brush that means you don’t have to use your hands! Yay! From the images I have seen, it is meant to be applied thick so it looks opaque. For some reason every time I would try and layer it on it would wipe away the layer underneath – I think it dried too quickly. But! It still worked! It was cooling and calming, my skin definitely felt softer afterwards and looked a little brighter (meaning it deeply cleansed my face and removed dirt – ew)! I’m going to keep going with this and actually finish the pack!

The technical stuff: It costs $15 (without shipping) for the 80ml pack and is said to last 8 uses. That’s less than $2 per use. All my international friends you can try it too! There is a flat fee of $5 for international shipping! That’s cray!!! And free shipping around Australia (or $10 for express). Do I recommend? Yes. I most certainly do. It’s even okay on oily skin because it doesn’t leave your face all greasy!  Let me know if you give it a go!

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