Waxaway Aus!

Welcome to one of the weirdest blog posts I have ever done. Hair removal. Hoorah.

Firstly, thank you to the lovely ladies at Bloggers United for organising some great goodie bags from Waxaway Aus/Bump eRaiser for us!

In our goodie bags, we received: Ready To Use Wax Strips, Roll On Wax Kit, Bump eRaiser Cream and Tweezers!

As a leg shaver, I had completely forgotten about the now wider range of waxing options. Ready to use strips, pots, roll on – theres just too many to choose from!
I choose to shave due to the convenience – it’s faster, takes preparation and causes less emotional distress and inside turmoil. But, for the sake of this post, I subjected myself to the pains of waxing and you know what, IT HURT! But it had some benefits so read on!

Let’s start with the tweezers. Tweezers are tweezers right? Yeah but these ones have a comb on the end! A comb! I kind of wished it was more of a brush type end rather than a wide tooth comb so I could have more control! I plucked a few stray eyebrow hairs out before I decided to wax them using…

The Roll On Kit! So this kit (the green one) comes with a cartridge that can be fitted onto 3 nozzles – kind of like a piping bag but more painful and… not really like a piping bag at all. I used the smallest nozzle on my face and it worked! Ripped the suckers right out. They didn’t even know what hit them… or pulled them i guess.

I have never had any luck with Ready To Wax strips, and unfortunately this was the case with these ones too. I’m all good with the warming up then putting on leg but then when I go to rip it off it is like glued to my leg. I know this means i haven’t heated the wax enough by rubbing but there is only so much rubbing I can do before my arms fall off. Also, has a brown lady (/girl – don’t even know what I am anymore) I have been blessed with deeply rooted, thick hair. On everything but my head – yay.

Now the Bump eRaiser was something I had never heard of before. It’s actually a whole range of skincare pastes, serums and creams aiming to get rid of ingrown hairs and razor bumps and itches (guilty). I received a paste which was recommended to be applied under a bandaid. It was GREAT! I would LOVE to try more of this range!!!

Must try: Bump eRaiser Medi Paste
Pretty darn good: Roll On Kit
Nyeh: Tweezers, Ready To Wax Strips

Waxaway Aus is definitely a brand I would not have reached for, now with Nair and Veet’s in-shower hair removal mousse, BUT this is a great alternative for those who prefer the traditional methods.

Also super keen to see more of the Bump eRaiser range!!!



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