Why I Hate Spring.

Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and baby animals and all those things that are associated with Spring. But, no one ever talks about the dark side of this otherwise rather bright – with daylight savings and all – season (Yeah yeah lame call I know).

I’ve decided to make a list of things I mildly dislike/hate/detest about Spring as I am curious to know if anyone else feels this strongly about it or if I simply just have issues. (Let’s be honest, it’s probably the issues thing)

1. Hay fever

The sun is shining. The flowers are blossoming. And the grass has grown into a beautiful green carpet. Perfect environment for a picnic, am I right? NO YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG. Not unless your idea of a perfect picnic is sitting on you jumper, under a tree, away from all plants, surrounding by a carpet of tissues both used and unused, struggling to see past your swollen and itchy eyes.

Hay fever is honestly the bane of my existence. I dread this time of year for the sole reason of the discomfort it causes. I can’t go outside without lugging a box of tissues around with me. I can’t put on eyeliner without it being smudged around all over the place by the end of the day due to all the eye rubbing EVEN THOUGH I RUB OH SO STRATEGICALLY AROUND THE EDGES!

Oh and sneezing on every thing/one or being sneezed on by every thing/one. Nothing like flying spit to brighten up a late afternoon, packed, peak hour train ride.

2. The Sun

I hate the sun. I think it’s a “brown person problem” (#bpp – lets make it a thing guys). Not only am I highly susceptible to sunburn, but I burn purple. I’m actually not kidding. Purple. It’s not even a pretty shade of lilac or lavender but that gross shade of purple your bruise turns after a day or two. This then turns my skin 5000 shades darker and leaves some very unappealing tan lines e.g shorts tan, singlet tan and the always unforgiving sock/ankle tan.

3. The Grass

The grass is long, spiky and itchy. It also is infested with all kinds of bugs and worms and things that crawl onto you when you’re not looking. Forget carpet rash, grass rash is even worse *sadface*.

4. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the worst creatures on earth. They buzz loudly around you, suck your blood and leave you with an itchy bump that fades into a faint discolouration months later. Just why. Why.
Also, I feel as though mosquitoes are just generally more attracted to my blood *flicks hair*. No but seriously, I’m like a mosquito magnet – especially overseas. Every time I leave Sri Lanka/Malaysia, I always leave a little rounder. Not because of the copious amount of food I manage to shovel into my mouth each day but because of the collection of mosquito bites developing on every inch of my skin. (Sorry for that image. No one should have to imagine me shovelling food down at this time of day)

5. Bare Legs

Spring = warmer weather = skirts, shorts and dresses. What does this mean? Bare legs!
NO. I would rather wear jeans in 30 degree weather than have to shave my legs every day just to wear a skirt or a dress. Now, I know I know women should not be expected to shave their legs and should embrace their natural self, but, I really don’t think the world is quite ready to experience Meneka’s natural self.

I have begun the transition by wearing stockings/tights under everything to get the best of both worlds. Let’s see how long I can continue this.

6. Unexpected Weather

Ah yes, Melbourne weather. Sunny in the morning, storming by night. Impossible to go the whole day in one set outfit.

7. Spring, the word itself

Calling a season Spring has lead to the lamest marketing campaigns and slogans I have ever seen in my life. “Spring into Spring” being the worst of the lot.

Disclaimer: I’m not usually this much of a pessimist, but to keep my optimistic friends happy, this post has an alternative title of “Why I wanted Winter to last longer because Winter is a nice season”.

Ok so I realise I sound like I hate nature and warmth etc, which is only sometimes true, but I DO like Spring. Just when it’s Summer, Autumn or Winter…

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