Why I Hate Summer.

Ok ok I know I have a post called Why I Hate Spring but I hate summer almost as much.


Normal people make plans to go out to the beach, to the park, just anywhere outside in the heat whilst I prefer to be lying on the cold tiles of my kitchen under the a.c fanning myself with a poorly folded magazine I had given up on reading hours before and grimacing and grumpily yelling at everyone who walks into the kitchen whilst I am laying there.

Mmmm yes, paradise.

The thing that annoys me most about summer is the fact that you can’t do anything to combat  the heat. In winter, you can put on layers and crank up the heater, curl up in a ball under the sheets in bed and think about warm cosy fires and drink hot chocolate. But, summers are just a mess. You can take layers off but once you hit the skin, you cant go any further. The a.c only goes down to a certain amount and there is only a certain amount of icy poles you can have before the diabetes kicks in.

Summer also means roasting in the sun like a chicken. Charcoal chicken. I don’t have an issue with the colour of my skin. I don’t care if I get darker for beauty’s sake but that means: new foundation. And each summer, I blacken to different extents which means I have about 5 different tubes of foundation sitting in a box at home just waiting to see the light of day.

One day down, 3 more months to go. Autumn, where you at?


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