NKD Body: Face Mask

So I recently purchased a Clay Mask from NKD Body  ($17.95) which is not a usual purchase for me as I prefer to make my own face masks out of carrots and honey or yoghurt and avocado or just use my Vitamin E Soak-In Mask from The Body Shop.


(Ignore the weird face – the mask was too stiff for me to smile properly. Also I don’t know why I look 5)

Let me start off by saying I was really looking forward to this product since I’d heard so much about clay masks and their benefits – cleansing, refreshing, toning amongst other product specific ones . I had tried the Cactus Skincare white clay mask before and found it to be great!

The NKD Clay Mask is to be applied post-shower (so your pores are open and your skin is refreshed, free of makeup and dirt and ready to go). So, I showered and then opened the packaging – I really like the packaging – i’ll give them that. It’s the same as Oh Hello Hair – the flexible squeezey pack with the twist cap at the top. It’s great because it keeps the product sealed and the flexible body allows to squeeze ALL the product out!

As for the product itself?
Well… I don’t know… So, I squeezed it out and it was rather hard I found it hard to spread over my face. I then rubbed the product between my fingers to “loosen” it and it kind of half dried before i could put it on so it applied rather roughly. It is a really thick paste and is a little harder to put on than any other mask i’ve used because it dries really quickly. It also had a herbal/minty scent to it which got annoying after a while.

Once on, it stung. I don’t know why. But it stung.

It said to take it off once it started tightening but it started tightening straight away. It was a very uncomfortable feeling and I couldn’t move any part of my face.


I took it off with just water. This is after one wipe:


It took an annoyingly long amount of time to get it all off because it was super thick.

Once I removed the product, my face looked and felt exactly the same as it did before. I did have a “blemish” – i.e exam stress pimple – on the side of my face and it completely killed it and left a scar (sad face).

Overall, I was not happy with this face mask. Wasted almost $20 on a face mask I had such high hopes for. Maybe it works for others? But it definitely didn’t work on my skin 😦

– Made from natural ingredients
– Easy packaging
– Free shipping and  “decent” price for a clay mask
– Didn’t work for me 😦

Would I buy this again? Nopeeeeeeeee.
Should you? Don’t see why not. It didn’t work on me but I have read/seen other people say they found it good!

Let me know how it goes and if you have any masks you’d recommend!


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