Barry M Cosmetics: Genie Lipstick

This stuff is the bomb diggitty. And you know its serious when I am forced to use the phrase “bomb diggitty”.


IMG_5456 IMG_1778


So I know what you’re thinking, green lipstick? And yes, it looks like a concealer stick or something but NO. ITS ACTUALLY PINK!?!?!?

How does it work?
So when when you apply this lipstick, it turns pink. Each persons shade of pink is unique as it changes according to your own personal alkaline level in your lips. That means, you don’t run the risk of buying a shade of pink that doesn’t suit your face.

For me, on my lips, the colour is a darker pink which i LOVE! It dries like a stain and the colour lasts eating and drinking.

For my arm, which is a lighter skin colour, it changes to a lighter pink. (L: without flash, R: with flash)


(It looks like a rash but it was actually so pretty in person)

Where’d I buy it from?
ASOS *all hail ASOS*. I bought it for $5.77 and it was the best $5.77 I have ever spent.

Would I recommend it to anyone else?
Definitely! Its long lasting, and will never fail!

This was the shortest review in the world but I really have nothing more to say. Its low priced, pigmented, non-drying, complimentary to any skin tone, long lasting and smells nice too! 🙂


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