Australis Prime Set Pack Review

So I came across this Australis set that includes: Primer, Setting Powder and Finishing Spray.
Available at Kmart for $19, this was amaaaahzing value! But was it worth it?


The primer had quite a nice feel to it. It was non greasy, soft and left my skin feeling velvety. It even did a good job at filling pores. But, I felt that I needed to moisturise before hand to have that hydration as well as letting it sit on my face for longer than usual compared to other primers. Overall, it was an “okay” primer. It did its job for like an hour and worked a lot better with powder foundation than liquid. (Liquid went weirdly streaky).
Having sensitive skin, it did leave me with a couple of red bumps though so I think I may just stick to my MAC or Smashbox Colour Correcting Primer for now 😦

The setting powder – though translucent – made me feel like I looked a little more chalky around my darker pigmented areas where I already use a lot of product. I think the powder just added another layer to an already thicker layer of makeup resulting in a cakey/chalky mess. I did however use this setting powder on my t-zone and cheeks and it looked fine!

The finishing spritz spelt so nice and added a dewy effect to the makeup. Whilst it didn’t really make the makeup last as long as I expected it to (the 6 hours), it prolonged it to around 3 hours before I could feel parts of it melting off. It also added hydration 🙂
On top of the setting powder, it did allow for creases and caked around my darker pigmented areas.

Overall, these australis products are decent for the price. I would recommend the setting powder but not the primer. The finishing spritz is something I will wear over makeup I only need for a few hours or if i’m indoors the whole time.

Have you tried these before?  What are your thoughts?

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