Beauty Vlogger Idol?

So, I’ve been receiving a whole bunch of questions about The Glow’s Beauty Vlogger Idol which I was very fortunate to be chosen as a finalist in! I’ve decided to make a quick post about it!

You can vote for me here! )

Basically, The Glow (Mamamia’s sister publication dedicated to Beauty) ran a competition calling for a vlogger to work with them over 12 videos. They required an entrance video on our “Best Beauty Hacks”. If you’d like to watch mine, you can find it here! It took me forever to make as it was my first video ever! Mad props to youtubers who put that much effort into their videos!!!!

From this, a panel of judges chose 10 finalists (myself and 9 other lovely ladies) and the sponsors – Dove and Australis – sent us amazing packages of hair products and makeup, to create a “Date Night Look” with. Lollllllll I had NO idea what a “date night look” would be like. We were given a neutral shimmery shadow and a “nude” lipstick. Whereas, I live in bright purple lipstick and black smokey eyeliner. I like being different. I like being bold.

This is one of the reasons why my lips ended up being grey. I know a lot of people create “date night looks” based on what their date would prefer but I can never understand why. I would much prefer to wear big bold colours that represent my personality and make me feel more comfortable and confident than hide behind something I’m not use to. But that’s just me!

If you’d like to watch my video you can watch it here! The winner is chosen on votes so please remember to vote for me! 😀

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