Urban Decay: Electric Palette

I never thought I’d see the day I wrote a positive review about an eye shadow palette full of neon colours! The Urban Decay Electric palette had been on my want list for months before I received it in a swap and well, let’s just say I’ve been wearing colour a lot more since!

How much is it and where’s it from?
Retailing at $70 (from Mecca Maxima in Aus), this palate is around the same price as the UD Naked palette and Stila Eyes Are The Window palette.

What does it look like? 
The packaging is beautiful. It looks like a rainbow explosion or a coloured version of those psychiatric ink blot tests. The cover and back are made from plastic but it seems to be quite thick and sturdy (unlike my Stila palette whose cover snapped right off after one small fall).

There is a mirror on the inside cover of the palette which is always handy. As someone who wears glasses and cannot do their makeup on a normal mounted mirror and needs a compact mirror to hold 2 cms away from their face, I usually only buy palettes and sets that have a mirror on the inside so this is a bonus.

The colours are in circular pans as opposed to the rectangular pans the Naked palettes are in. This makes it easier to swivel your brush around as opposed to just going up and down. The palette also comes with a double ended brush – similar to that of the Naked 2 and 3 palettes. I love Urban Decay brushes. They really work with their shadows.

So how is it?

I love it. The colours are quite confronting in the packaging, but they’re so beautiful on the eyes or even just swatched. The texture is so buttery and not chalky as expected. The colours not only blend together to make a clean flow but are able to be layered to make new colours.
(L-R: with flash, sunlight, in shade) There’s primer under the left side of the swatches. As you can see, primer really makes a difference! I used UD Primer Potion and it made the colours brighter and bolder!

I was reluctant to buy it as I thought I wouldn’t reach for it every day as the shades weren’t neutral/nude (well,duh). BUT I am so glad I received this as I use this palette more than once a week. These colours (especially the deep purple and blue) are perfect to wear with a nude lip to parties. I like to run a pop of colour under my lower lash line to add a pop of colour with my casual every day wear. My current obsession is a purple lash line with purple lips!

Every single colour on this palette is wearable.


2 thoughts on “Urban Decay: Electric Palette

  1. This post is so great! Its convincing me to buy the palette too…
    I especially like the rainbow eye shadow you’ve done 🙂
    And can I just say, showing 3 different lighting styles on the swatches is brilliant! Now I can properly judge what the colour is before buying. Seriously good job on the review 🙂

    R Vera

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