Monthly Round Up: September Favourites!

So what have I been liking lately?

  MAC Fix+

Okay so I know I have only had these for a week but these are great. I have horrendously dry skin and my foundation can look dry and stick to the patches on my face. A spritz of this before foundation or primer softens and nourishes my skin and a spray after my foundation leaves my face feeling and looking moist. [stay tuned for a full review and uses blog post coming up]


Chestnut Liner by MAC

(sorry for the *not my image* but I left mine at work 😦 )

Yaas this is a god send. It’s so hard to find a good nude lipstick when you have unevenly coloured lips. A darker liner acts a contract between my skin and lips so they don’t all look the same colour when i wear “nudes”. Chestnut is a dark brown and is so silky smooth to apply both over and under lipsticks.

Australis Eyeliner

Okay, decided to break the MAC spam with something more affordable. Eyeliner pens are in abundance at the moment. With winged eyeliner becoming more and more popular, more and more brands are relasing their own pens. My first one was the Maybelline master precise, followed by Stila All Day and then Kat Von D Ink Liner. I’m currently working on a post about all of these but I have to say out of the drugstore pen liners, this is by far the most opaque and inky. The pen nib is flexible and bends a little which means that it can sit comfortably along your lash line and glide along. I received mine as part of my finalist pack for The Glow’s Beauty Vlogger Idol, used it once, and forgot about it. But now I use it when im in a rush and don’t have time to paint my liner on as I usually do with tarte Tartiest Amazonian Clay Liner.

You can literally make different thicknesses of lines in one sweep.  


Real-U Australia Spot Treatment

My skin has been all over the place lately – I don’t know why. I’ve been getting little pimples on my forehead and my chin *sad face*. I was kindly sent  a Real U skincare pack by the lovely girls and have been using the treatments. Now, it’s too soon to talk about their 3 step treatments but the spot treatment works so well. It shrinks the ewwies away WITHOUT scarring. Lord knows I have used products in the past to get rid of pimples and they have left a dark mark where the pimple was. The Spot Remover comes in a small green tube with a long nib that releases a bit of product at a time. Super easy to use and Super effective.

That’s it for September! What were some of your favourites?

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