Anastasia Beverly Hills: Cream Contour Kit Review

Okay so I know we’ve all moved on to strobing, but for those of you who are still trying to get into the hang of contouring (myself included) – here’s a review on the ABH Cream Contour Kit.

Where can you buy it?
The cream contour kit is available on the ABH website (but shipping is a killer), on online boutiques like: Beauty Bay (AUD$69.20 + free shipping) or Sephora Sydney (AUD$66.00).

What does it look like?
The kit comes in 3 varieties: light, medium, dark – to suit a wider range of skin tones. There are 3 lighter shades and 3 darker shades to contour with in square pans. This is a change from ABH’s circular pans in their powder contour kit. These are al set into a thick cardboard base with a hole to be able to pull the pans out to refill them. I bought the “dark” palette as medium was too light. I was afraid, however, that dark may be too dark as it is intended to be used by those with darker skin than mine.
I never understood why these kits came in 3 shades of contour and highlight each but I found that I used most of the shades in this kit. The top left shade, Nude, is my most used of it all. I’ve hit pan and it’s only had less than a month of solid use *cries*. I used this as an under eye highlight as well as below/above any contour lines to really make it pop. In hindsight, I should’ve used another concealer to do my under eye area and simply used this shade to line my contour. This shade has a warm, yellow undertone.

The second shade, Coral, has more orange than anything. I use this both as a colour corrector and as a blush (it adds a nice orange glow).

The third shade, Cinnamon, is similar to my skin shade, a little bit darker if anything. I’ve been using this as a concealer or around the edges of my face.

Okay so this 4th shade, Chocolate, is what i’ve been using to contour. It is the lightest of the contour shades and has more of a gery-ish tone to is. If used heavy handidly, it can come off ashy.

The next shade, Expresso, is basically untouched.

And the last shade Carob, is what I use to contour my double chins away :))) Overall, I like the colours of the kit and the cream doesn’t sit in my flakey, dry parts of my skin like powder sometimes can. But, the cream is a little bit stiff and dry. I usually mix in some oil or spray my brush with Fix+ first but on dry skin, it can be a bit difficult to work with. I can imagine for oily skin, that it would glide on like a dream! As it is cream, it blends into my liquid foundation easily as well!

Would I repurchase it?
I’m probably going to buy the light shade pan refill and use this kit whenever I want to go all out. I’ll be using my LA GIRL concealer to highlight under my eyes and the contour shade from the kit from now on!

I don’t think this product was AMAZING. There are many contour palettes out with varying price ranges so it may be better to find one of those instead.

Has anyone tried this kit before? Thoughts?

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