Diet vs Desk II

Ok so I know it seems like forever since my first post of this series but after posting it, I felt seriously demotivated. I don’t know what I thought would happen – that I would suddenly drop 10 kgs in a week? I think it’s because I keep seeing stories of “woman looses 3 kgs in first week after she stopped drinking coke” around and believed it…

Anyway, it’s been a few weeks now and I have made a few changes in my life!

Goodbye bags of chips and snacky food at work! I now eat protein bars (if you don’t like the taste of protein – Carmans yoghurt protein bars are decent) and fruit. I try and drink more tea and water than coffee and soft drink. Come to think of it, I haven’t had a soft drink at work in weeks! I still eat horribly when I go out with my friends but I try and make up for it the next day at the gym.

My workmates started up a FitBit challenge which has been a great innovative to take those extra steps. Whether it’s just walking around the house or in circles in front of the tv, every step counts.

My mum makes blueberry muffins on the weekends and gives me one every day to take to work. This prevents me from going and buying biscuits or cakes from the cafeteria.

I’ve also started thinking about the money I could save. I tried not brining my card to work and deal with the coins I had but I ended up having no money for my train ticket home – not trying that one again! But, I have started thinking of other non-perishable ways to use that money. For example, say a coffee and cake is $6. In 6 days, I can buy a MAC lipstick.

I started PT sessions at the gym at work (super convenient). The thing I love about my PT is that he focuses on food as well. Ive had PTs in the past that would ask what your normal diet was and then suggest changes but this guys gives me ideas, recipes, certain brands to avoid etc. This has been so helpful when it comes to grocery shopping.

Frozen berries. Okay so i like berries but I don’t like how expensive they can be. Ive recently been buying bags of frozen berries and putting them in everything – smoothies, as coulis on pancakes or french toast, on ice cream (ok baby steps…) and wit yoghurt.

On the topic of food, I’m a foodie. I love food. I love brunch. I love eggs. (Feel free to follow me on my new food instagram @meneka_eats). Something that has motivated me to have a proper breakfast, is to make my own and plate it up like they do in cafes. This sounds ridiculous, I know. But, buying thicker sliced bread, smashing my own avo and layering salmon on top with some scrambled egg whites with a dusting of salt and pepper is so satisfying! Also, the bigger the breakfast, the less the urge to snack!

After making all these changes over the past month I definitely feel fitter. i’ve been trying to stay off the scale because to me, it isn’t about weight – it’s about feeling healthy. Clothes fit better, I can walk up a hill without puffing as much. So it’s working!

Next up is to incorporate weekly swimming sessions for a whole body work out and taking food to work/uni. Oh and buying some new work out gear 😀

2 thoughts on “Diet vs Desk II

  1. I tried leaving my purse at home (no $$ = can’t buy snacks) but on one occasion had to call a cab because I didn’t have enough for the train! I find bringing healthy snacks help attack our snacking issue.

  2. It’s good that you dropped soda! it’s just empty calories and sugar. and diet soda is just chemicals 😛 and don’t feel bad if you don’t see a change right away. i went to the gym almost everyday in the summer (about 6 to 8 weeks or so) and just started seeing some definition or tone at the end of that time frame! Change takes time, patience and perseverance. But kudos to you for making changes for a healthier lifestyle! Power to you girl! 🙂

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