Hello my dear friends!

I have some exciting news to share with you all! Now I don’t know whether it was my mid-mid life crisis (I turned 22 on Friday) or just the need to have another outlet, but I HAVE CREATED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

You can subscribe to the channel here:

Now I know you’re probably thinking what is going to happen to this blog – DO NOT FET IT WILL STILL EXIST! I have decided that the blog with have mainly product reviews and new things whilst the youtube channel will have makeup “tutorials” (I say “tutorials” because I am in no way a makeup artist) and unboxings!

I already have a few blog posts and videos lined up for you all! Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post every Wednesday night and a video whenever I feel like it – I’ll let you know don’t worry!

Thank you every one for your support thus far! ❤

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