The many uses of Coconut Oil

Hi again!

Yes my posts are becoming more regular – yay! So recently, I’ve been trying to revert back to natural products or products with simple ingredients. The product I’ve been using the most is COCONUT OIL! I know there’s been a lot of hype around coconut oil recently, so I’ve created a list of uses – and there are A LOT!

  • Hair mask
    Coconut oil is great for hydrating dry, brittle hair! It’s like a hair serum minus the chemicals.
  • Face mask
    I love applying a thin layer of coconut oil on my face after I shower and before I sleep. I wake up with soft, supple skin!
  • Eye mask
    I get extremely dry skin on my eyes during dry weather. It gets so bad that my skin flakes! That, in conjunction with my sensitive skin, means that I have to be careful with my choice of eye creams. I am yet to find one that doesn’t sting like crazy – but in the meantime, a layer of coconut oil overnight really helps! Over a few days, the flaking stops.
  • Nail mask
    Your nails, made from the same stuff as your hair, needs the same love! Whenever I take my fake nails off or take my polish off, i rub some coconut oil into them. This hydrates the nail as well as the cuticle and skin around the nail itself.
  • Makeup remover
    Waterproof mascara? No worries. Don’t want to buy Benefit’s makeup remover just for their Push Up Liner? Don’t need to! Coconut oil can remove the most stubborn makeup. Just soak some on a makeup removing pad and wipe off! The oil hydrates the skin at the same time.
  • On a cotton tip to remove lipstick and eyeliner mistakes
    Like above, coconut makes it easy to remove makeup. Keep a cotton bud/qtip soaked with coconut oil ready to fix up any mistakes.
  • Hydration for knees/elbows/ankles
    All my brown gals let me here y’all. A majority of us struggle with dark grey/ashy joint skins. (I know it sounds weird but just hear me out). Using something thicker and long wearing like oil instead of moisturiser hydrates the dry skin for longer.
  • Around the nails before painting nails to remove any outside/excess
    Oil around the outside prevents any excess polish from stubbornly sticking to your skin.
  • Add a drop of coconut oil to foundation to make more sheer/less coverage and to add a dewy glow
    A drop of oil “sheers out” the colour, letting more of your natural skin show through! Also, the oil adds a dewy finish.
  • Add to hard cream products to make more workable/creamier
    Have a dried out product? Perhaps a dry dipbrow or cream concealer? A drop of oil will loosed it up and make it easy to pick up product and apply!

Do you have any other uses? Let me know!

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