Mecca Cosmetica: To Save Face SPF 50+ Superscreen

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog post about sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen. Sounds boring right? NOT THIS ONE! (Well at least I think so.)


Mecca Cosmetica (our Australian version of Sephora… even though we have Sephora) have an amazing range of beauty and skincare products. They have everything from nailpolish and lashes to hand cream and eye cream. In one of the latest Beauty Loop (rewards/loyalty) boxes, we received a sample of the Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 50+ Superscreen. I honestly was disappointed when I saw this, as sunscreen is usually thick and white which makes my face look grey. BUT then I tried it and was super surprised!


IMG_4016.JPGI usually don’t care much for packaging. As long as the product is safely contained in the tube, I’m fine. But, the sleek matte black tube of this sunscreen was a super bonus!It’s like NARS level!


The cream itself it NOT WHITE! It’s “flesh”toned but blends into the skin as invisible as a normal moisturiser.IMG_4020.JPG

With dry skin like mine, I need something super hydrating and this does the job WITHOUT being greasy! (YAAS). It leaves the skin feeling super soft and silky.
It smells like cream – slightly chemically but not the bad kind? Like the smell of a cream that has no fragrances added. Don’t worry, it’s a good smell!
I love using this as a base under my primer and foundation. It softens the skin and smoothens the texture.

The only thing that annoys me is that if I take too much, I can’t put it pack in the tube. I can’t even keep it in the lid as it dries and turns a weird texture. It’s still somewhat useable, just not very pleasant looking.


SPF 50+ 75mL , $40 – This is the one I have! I went for the higher SPF in the hopes of super sun protection but the recommended minimum facial SPF is around 30.
SPF 30+ 30mL, $15
SPF 30+ 100mL  $38

Overall, I loved this sunscreen and will definitely be repurchased!

Let me know if you have a favourite facial sunscreen! (Something more affordable too!)


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