The Wooden Watch: ft. JORD Watches & Competition Details

Hey frands!

So today’s blog post is a little different to the usual – it’s about watches. Just a simple timepiece can lift your overall look and give it an extra oomf. Over the past few years, watches have become a popular accessory, either as a statement piece or an accompaniment. I own a range of watches – both leather and metal – but have never seen let alone owned a wooden one. So, I was super excited to see what the Jord wooden watches were like!


I must admit, I was concerned that the concept of a wooden watch wouldn’t end well. I was expecting a tacky, unstable strap made of thick chunks of wood with a watch-face. Instead, I received a beautifully crafted time piece. This is the Dark Sandalwood model from the Fieldcrest series – just look at it!

watch show

The watch arrived in a square cardboard box which then had the actual wooden box inside.  It’s a light coloured wooden square box with a sliding opening (which took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to figure out).

Jord Ship box

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.19.31 PM

The watch is on a pillow and has a protective film over the watch face. It also comes with a polishing cloth and a booklet about warranty and  how to care for the watch.


The watch has a double clasp which makes it very easy to remove – it’s not fiddly like many other watches I own.


The first thing I noticed about the watch was that it was super light! Being made of wood, I had prepared myself for something a lot heavier. This makes it so comfortable to wear.

The Fieldcrest style is made of a darker tinted wood. I chose this colour as I felt that it would be easier to transition from day outfit to night as it is on the classier side than casual.

Jord have an extensive range of watches – both subtle in colour and shape, to really unique watches. Make sure you have a look at their site – some of the designs are to die for!

WANT ONE!? (duh, of course you do!)
Jord Watches have given my readers a chance to win a $70 e-voucher! Best part? Even if you lose, you don’t actually lose! You will still receive a $20 e-voucher! To enter, just click on this link -> and enter in your details! Good luck!

****Please note that this watch was gifted to me for reviewing purposes. As always, the opinion and statements made in this post are completely my own. I was approached by JORD watches and had a look through the website and fell in love with the designs. They are of standard watch price so I thought it would be great to share with my readers! Hope you enjoyed! 

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