Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Bronze Palette: Review and Swatches (Darker Skin)

Kylie Jenner. I feel like everyone either loves her or loathes her. But her controversial life aside, it’s actually quite impressive to own such a makeup empire and personal brand.

This review is all about the Bronze palette! My review of the Burgundy palette is coming up soon so stay tuned!


The palette comes in a thin cardboard box with Kylie’s eyes on the front. The top lid and all the edges are metallic and match the theme of the overall palette – e.g bronze palette with bronze metallic.


The actual palette itself is made of hard white cardboard with a gloss coat. This means that even though it’s white, you don’t have to worry about any foundation stains because they’ll wipe right off the shiny surface.

The front of the palette has Kylie’s eyes (like on the outer case) with drips in the shade range of the eyeshadows. The back of the palette has a diagram with the shade names (as they aren’t printed inside the palette) along with the ingredient list. Fun fact – the palette is actually made in the USA and not mass produced in a factory in Asia as most things are usually!


This palette contains 7 matte shades and 2 shimmer shades.



Though the shades don’t look too great in the above finger swatches, when applied with a brush, they blend quite nicely and evenly. I’m not big on all matte eyes, I tend to have a shimmer shade across the lid so I used a crease blending brush to apply the matte shades and a flat brush for the shimmer shades (which apply better with a finger).


Jasper – This white based shadow was waaay more pigmented than I expected. A lot of the white “eyebrow bone highlighting” shades I’ve tried in palettes have been chalky. This shade was surprisingly buttery and opaque! This was able to apply over my lid without making my eyelid look chalky.

Quartz – I’ve been using Quartz in inner part of my lid. You could also use this shade to hilight the brow bone.

Topaz – A cool matte brown that doesn’t really show up on my skin – it’s basically the same colour but cooler.

Goldstone – I’ve been sweeping this shade over my lids and blending it in with some of the browns for an every day work look.

Citrine – This was such a weird orange. It was light and bright meaning I couldn’t use it to warm up dark eyes but it wasn’t even in tone to use on the lid without blending out.

Tiger Eye – This shade makes a nice transition shade for me. It’s a warm, light brown.

Hematite – A nice reddy-brown. I’ve been using it in my crease.

Bronzite – Looks patchy in the finger swatch but is a nice alternative to black for a smokey eye when it blends out.

Obisidian – Every neutral palette needs a black!

Overall, I was completely surprised by this palette. I had very low expectations for the quality of the shadows. It’s very had to tell how her products are as there are so many reviews out there that are either vague or aren’t critical enough because it’s such a hyped product.

Whilst the mattes varied in quality, the two shimmer shades Quartz and Goldstone are beautiful and soft and shimmer. The only shade I am not a fan of is Citrine, but I can work it into other eye looks that involve brighter colours. The mattes did produce a bit of kick-up when a brush was used so I’ve been applying eyeshadow before foundation!


This palette costs USD$42 which is just under AUD$60 (let’s say $58). The palette has 9 shades, weighing 1.4g (0.05 0z) each with a total of 17.1g of product. This is the same amount of product as the Naked palette (Naked 1 used for reference), which usually costs about AUD$72. So, when we look at it that way, you’re getting a great deal! However, you are only getting 9 shades so I guess it comes down to – Are these shades you will use pretty much every day? For me, I’d prefer to throw in another $10 and get a Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. These shades don’t do anything special for me.

Overall, I did like this palette. It was decent, but there are better. I do think this money could’ve been invested in a more diverse palette. I wished this palette had some more shimmer shades (which Kylie has done with the Burgundy and Holiday palettes – so yay!).

Let me know if you have this palette! Did you like it?


3 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Bronze Palette: Review and Swatches (Darker Skin)

  1. I don’t have this palette! Im waiting for this review i wanna know if it’s worth a hype! Thanks for Sharing your thoughts/ review . helps me and other girls out there who wants to get there hands on this palette. 😄😅😍❤️👌🏻

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