Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Burgundy Palette: Review and Swatches (Darker Skin)

Hi guys!

This is a follow-up to my review of the Bronze Kyshadow! Make sure you check it out here!


The Packaging is exactly the same as the Bronze palette – just with different coloured tears so make sure you read the Bronze review first for the details!


This palette has 5 mattes and 4 shimmers.



This palette was a lot more pigmented than the Bronze palette. All the shimmers were gorgeous – and yes, there are more in this one! Burgandy was a little patchy but was able to blend out to be even. The same happened with Brick and Almond although they weren’t as bad.


Naked – Whilst the lightest shade in the Bronze palette is Jasper – a white matte, Naked is a gorgeous shimmer that can be used as a browbone highlight.

Beach – A great transition shade! It’s a bit warmer than Tiger Eye from the Bronze palette.

Penny – So so so much more wearable than Citrine in the Bronze palette. This warms up an eye look with just a little bit blended into the crease.

LA – More bronze than the Bronze palette ever was…

Burgundy – The focus shade of the palette, and rightly so. It’s a gorgeous pinky purple. It’s just a shame that it’s a bit patchy!

Dubai – This was the highlight of the palette for me. It’s pretty much Burgundy but metallic.

Brick – The palette needs a couple of browns to make the other shades wearable. Hence – Brick and Almond. Nothing too special but essential to complete the palette!

New York – I use this as an all over the lid shade for work!

Almond – Great alternative to black – smoke out the eye without making it too harsh.

Same as the Bronze palette. This palette costs USD$42 which is just under AUD$60 (let’s say $58). The palette has 9 shades, weighing 1.4g (0.05 0z) each with a total of 17.1g of product. This is the same amount of product as the Naked palette (Naked 1 used for reference), which usually costs about AUD$72. So, when we look at it that way, you’re getting a great deal! However, you are only getting 9 shades so I guess it comes down to – Are these shades you will use pretty much every day? As I mentioned with the Bronze palette, I’d prefer to get a palette with more shade range. If I wanted to stick to the burgundy theme, I would try and get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette or the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette (read my review here).

Don’t get me wrong, this palette is way better than the Bronze palette. It has more shimmer shades and is sticks to the theme. I found that the Bronze palette was not bronze-y at all. The pigmentation is a lot better and the colours are all wearable on most skin tones!

I have the Holiday Palette coming in the mail so stay tuned for another Kyshadow review and some eye looks!

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