ColourPop Haul!!

I’ve been waiting SO long to write this blog post! But I’ve patiently waited until exams finished before I swatched and played with my new pretties! Eeeeee so excite!

Just a few pointers before we start. I purchased these items during ColorPop’s first birthday sale, which is why I have the bonus shadow to swatch for you! As this was my first purchase (of many more), I also got $5 off 🙂 if you’re in Australia, or just anywhere but America (and possibly Canada), postage is a poop and a half. I’ll tell you more about prices, postage, times and things at the end because, in my opinion, the money was well worth the product.  Let’s start with Lippie Stix (which I totally should’ve bought more of). These are simply lipsticks in a narrower, longer tube. The quality of these have been compared to that of MAC lipsticks but are a fraction of the price. They claim to “add comfort and moisture” as they contain NO PARABENS OR SULFATES and contain goodies like Vitamin E, Mango, Avocado and Shea Butter! Who could resist that?!

“Ellarie” (Because Ellarie is the most perfect human being I have ever seen in my whole life – you can find her on instagram and youtube!)

“Feminist” – a dark purple lipstick! It’s unlike any other purple I own! Or so I tell myself.

I also bought a clear primer. MAC has one and I love it but I thought I’d try this one as it was cheaper #curryinstinct.

Now for some Lippie Pencils! Yes, I know, I didnt buy matching sets of lippies and liners. But don’t worry it all makes sense…“Ellarie” – The pencil to go with the Lippie Stix (Stick?). Why? Please see above. I bought this liner because Ellarie uses it in so many lip tutorials – especially ombres. Even this pencil and the Lippe (let’s just call it lippie) create an ombre effect as the liner is a darker shade of burgandy-brown.

“Fighter” – A nice red colour. I have so many red lipsticks – like seriously, so many. I hoped to use this shade not only to line but to brighten some reds that I own by filling my lips and going over the top with lipstick.

“LBB” – A nice purple colour!

Next up is a blush! I don’t usually wear blush – BLASPHEMY! (I know). If i do wear it, it’s usually my Josie Maran Argan Oil Colour Stick or something with low pigmentation. So why on earth did I buy such an OUTRAGEOUS colour. No, it’s not red. Nor is it fluro pink. IT’S PURPLE! BUT I AM SO EXCITED TO WEAR IT!
“Rain” – Super Shock Cheek
I honestly think this is such a wearable shade. Especially for darker skin tones. Just imagine  a dewy face with an intense glow, bold liner and big lashes and a nude lip!

Now for my most favourite purchases of all – SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS! All of these shadows are extremely pigmented and are of a cream to powder texture. You need the teeniest tiniest bit and you’re set! As I own a lot of nude/neutral eyeshadows, I thought I’d buy some bold, out there, shades to add to my collection.

Fantasy  In the lightIn the shade

Too Shy   In the shade  In the light 

Birthday Shadow









With the subtotal of the products at $73.00, shipping costing $25.96 and the $5 first time buyers discount, the total came to USD$93.96. At the time, this equated to AUD$124.51. This is for 15 products (including the free birthday shadow). If we take it as 14 products and add back the $5 discount, each product comes to $9.25. To me, ignoring the fact that its only USD$5 each, I thought this was a reasonable price so I was happy to pay it!

If you’re not up to spending that much (which I probably shouldn’t but I have a problem) then split the shipping with friends! Make the most of it! 🙂

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