Vanity Planet: Spin For The Perfect Skin Reveiw

So I bought this thing. I don’t even know how to explain it apart from ‘it’s an electric toothbrush for your face…and body’. The Vanity Planet store spin, is supposed to be an affordable version of the Clarasonic or Purasonic cleansing machines. Unfortunately I have not tried either of the two machines, so this review will discuss the pros and cons of this machine itself.

Yes I had this worry too BUT the Spin is actually battery powered! Just 4 AA batteries (not included – of course – when are they ever?) and away you go!

Retailing at USD$100, there are different colours you can choose from. After tossing up between purple, grey and blue, I decided to go with blue. Only to realise blue and grey were out of stock anyway so I could’ve just stuck with purple in the first place.
Note: It’s original RRP is USD$100 but there are many vouchers floating around blogs and vlogs and instagrams that can save you a huge amount. I used a code to bring down the price to USD$30 and with USD$17.99 for shipping and handling, the total in AUD was $64.19. (with the exchange rate at the time).

It took under a week to arrive and the store provides you with a UPS tracking number. On this tracker, it shows you all movement up to sending itfrom the US and then it forwards onto delivery.

When I first picked up the package, I noticed that the box was a lot lighter and smaller than I had expected. The Clarasonic box was a lot bigger. I opened the box to find the machine and its’ accessories. The Spin For Perfect Skin set comes with the Spin machine, a face cleansing head, a face exfoliating head, a body exfoliating/cleansing head and a pumice stone head. The machine itself felt a little cheaper than expected. The plastic didn’t feel ask thick as I had imagined and the joints were visible. I think the lightness really threw me off. But apart from that, I was pleased to see the heads it came with were of decent size.

Was a voucher for 25% off the next set of heads. It is recommended to change the heads every 3 months (just like a toothbrush). I think it may be worth ordering a pack of heads along with your machine so that you make the most of shipping! But it may depend on the voucher you get – it may include free shipping or the percentage off may only cover a machine and not the accessories.

The Vanity Planet Store doesn’t recommend any particular brand to use with the brushes, but they do have a few warnings about using smooth products that won’t ruin the brush. For example, exfoliants with shells in them.
For my Face and Body cleanser – I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I have very sensitive skin and allergy to store soap (I use Lush or Goat Milk /Organic soap otherwise) and Cetaphil has been awesome for it!
For my exfoliator – I’ve been using St Ives Green tea Scrub. It’s quite smooth and gentle on the skin whilst promising to prevent breakouts and clear skin. To be honest, this isn’t my favourite – I don’t feel like it does much for me on it’s own BUT I think the “rotational power” of the machine really helped get it all up in my face. If anyone has any favourite facial scrubs, please let me know!

MY FIRST USE – without makeup on
I applied the Cetaphil cleanser to my face and then used the brush, whilst wet, onto my face. At first, I felt that the bristles were rather rough on my skin and was scared that it would irritate it. But then I got used to the sensation and held the machine with a lighter hand. As I washed this of, my skin looked brighter and felt soft. I then went over my face again with the exfoliator and again, it felt brighter.
MY FIRST USE – after wearing a full face of makeup.
Oh my lord. Yes. Okay so after a party, I came home, it was 1am and I was so tired and just wanted to crawl into my bed and sleep. But, of course, I had to take my makeup off. I started my usual routine – lashes off, makeup wipes, wash face then remove again with coconut oil until the cotton pads came out clear. I had started watching a new ep of Orphan Black (YAASSS) so I decided to bum around so I coud watch it until the end. I decided to have a play around with the Spin. I cetaphil-d my face and then started using the cleansing brush and oh my lord, my brush turned the colour of my foundation and the water ran brown (because im brown so my foundation is brown etc). I thought I had managed to get it all off put obviously not!

This machine has become a major part of my skincare routine. I love knowing that I’m able to get all the makeup off my face and out of my pores before I go to bed so I don’t wake up with massive pimples. Also, the exfoliating head has been getting rid of the dead skin on my face, reducing the size of a scar I have on my cheek from a pimple (ew).

Because the brushes are white, they do stain. I haven’t been able to get the makeup stain out of my brush heads even by using the techniques they suggest. It looks gross but it still works!
The cost of shipping from the US to AUS is always a pain.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. As mentioned at the start, I have not used any other type of cleansing machine so you know what, there could be better ones! If you would like to read about more of these machines (I keep calling them machines but I’m sure they have a proper name) then RachelBeautyStyle has a few reviews on her blog!

Let me know if you’ve tried anything like it and your experience!

5 thoughts on “Vanity Planet: Spin For The Perfect Skin Reveiw

  1. So I just received mine and used it for the first time yesterday. My skin was extremely irritated and I felt a bit of stinging when I applied my toner. I don’t think I’ll use it again.

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