Mecca Beauty Loop: Level 1

So, today I went to pick up my Beauty Loop box whilst I’m on holiday in Sydney! I didn’t want to wait until I got back in fear of missing out or being later than the cutoff date (i feel like i’ve read somewhere that they stop giving them out after Aug 5th but that may just be me). This is my first ever Beauty Loop box (“omg whut but you’re always at Mecca!” IKR!) and I’m only a Level 1 (“but but you buy so much makeup how are you only level 1!”). I buy most of my makeup online and only go in store for complexion products like foundation and concealer which are rare purchases.

Anyway so let me break this down.

What is Beauty Loop?
Beauty Loop is the rewards program run by Mecca (Maxima and Cosmetica) that provide quarterly boxes of samples based on the amount you spend that year. They also have exclusive in store events, makeup lessons and birthday gifts (all according to which Level you’re on). The levels are based on how much you spend in store/online per year. Level 1, my level, is between $300-599. Level 2: $600-1199 and Level 3: 1200+ per year.

How did I get  my box?
Mecca usually sends out an email notifying Beauty Loop members of their Level and eligibility. You can also check how much money you have spent and what Level you’re on, on the online account page. If ordering online, you can add the box to your cart (with free shipping over $75 so it works out well if you’re doing an order) or you can walk into the store and ask for it at the counter with no purchase! (Which is what I did… It wasn’t actually as awkward as you’d think).

Ok ok so what was in my box?

I decided to make a post about my box because I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of Beauty Loop 2 and 3 and not many of 1.

Ren; Flash Rinse 1 Min Facial
I have this thing about Ren. I’ve only ever tried one Ren product which was the face mask and was put off by the scent. It smelt sickeningly sweet and citrusy and stayed like that the whole time it was on my face.
Anyway, so the Flash Rinse promises to instantly revitalise and rejuvinate skin leaving it looking firm, toned and smoothed.
It says “All skin types except those prone to sensitivity”. Oh. Well. That’s me.

Josie Maran; Argan Daily Moisturiser
You guys should know how much i LOVE Josie Maran Cosmetics by now. Their Argan Mascara is my Holy Grail fo sho! So I was very happy to receive a sample of their NEW Argan Daily Moisturiser. AND I LOVE IT. The sachet is only 2 ml so I thought it would only be enough for one wear but I’ve already gotten 3 uses out of it and I think I can squeeze out some more! When the product came out, it was runny and very white. I warmed it up in my hands and applied it to my face and my god was I in heaven. Although it contains argan oil, it is not greasy at all. My has that feeling of putting coconut oil on my face and then having a shower. My skin feels soft, it smells great and its SPF 47! WIN WIN! I will be buying this full size 😀 (Update: Can’t find it online 😦 )

Kate Somerville; Nourish Daily Moisturiser
I feel kind of bad for this product. It’s up against Josie Maran’s Argan Daily Moisturiser, being in the same box. Anyway, so this product promises to absorb quickly and refine and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin and is to be applied twice daily.
Meh. It was really meh. It smelt slightly chemically and felt a LITTLE greasy after I put it on. I used it in the morning and then once before I went to bed. I woke up with soft skin but honestly, it felt like any old moisturiser. I wore this under a layer of makeup and it kept my face nourished so I guess thats a plus? But overall, I found this product extremely average.

By Terry; Mascara Terrybly
This is my first ever By Terry product! I was so pleased to see a big bushy brush! They always tend to do well with my lashes.

This product claims to boost lash lengthening with a special serum and promises to volumise, lengthen, curl and thicken each lash. I gave it a go and it was decent? I still prefer my Josie Maran Argan Mascara as it volumises the lashes a bit more as opposed to this one. Here’s a comparison with the product on the left: (please excuse the brows and other ewies)

Overall, they did a decent job but it’s not my favourite. I may use it in conjunction with my Josie Maran but it would be for the sole purpose of finishing it off.

I was a little underwhelmed when I opened my box. Considering the fact that Mecca provide 3 packaged samples with every online order and I can walk in store and get samples of whatever I pleased, there were just not enough samples. I appreciated the fact that there weren’t any complexion products. I HATE being given generic packaged foundation samples and BB cream samples etc because they NEVERERERERER suit me.

No but seriously, so glad they focused on skin care as opposed to complexion products. I know this is only Level 1 but I thought it would’ve been something a bit more special. But it is free, so I guess I can’t complain. I just hate the fact that overseas, they shove our bags full with samples, and here, we have to sign up and be a member of a beauty program just to get a couple of measly sachet. Ok, I sound a bit too ungrateful. It’s free. I’ll use them. No complaints! 😀


One thought on “Mecca Beauty Loop: Level 1

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the underwhelming boxes. I do find some staff are very stingy when it comes to giving out samples. Considering I’ve purchased almost every item they’ve ever given me a sample of, I would prefer to walk out with at least 3 as I would had I ordered online. I felt like I was asking for one girls first born asking for a second sample lol.

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