Mecca Beauty Loop: Level 3 Jul 2016

Hai friends!

Just thought I’d do a little unboxing of the Mecca L3 box. Mecca is an Australian version of Sephora (even though we actually have Sephora…). Basically there are 3 levels – 1,2,3 (wow, really Meneka? You don’t say). The more you spend, the higher the level. Every period, they give out a box of samples based on your level.

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Mecca Beauty Loop: Level 1

So, today I went to pick up my Beauty Loop box whilst I’m on holiday in Sydney! I didn’t want to wait until I got back in fear of missing out or being later than the cutoff date (i feel like i’ve read somewhere that they stop giving them out after Aug 5th but that may just be me). This is my first ever Beauty Loop box (“omg whut but you’re always at Mecca!” IKR!) and I’m only a Level 1 (“but but you buy so much makeup how are you only level 1!”). I buy most of my makeup online and only go in store for complexion products like foundation and concealer which are rare purchases.

Anyway so let me break this down.

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