Fashion Friday: The Golden Rule


Never buy things full price!

Now I don’t know if it’s my inner cheap curry instinct or my bank balance, but I barely ever buy things full price.

I mean why should I when there are such things as SALES!

I always get told that I’m “always wearing something different every time [people] see me” and yes, I have a lot of clothes. 7 cupboards full actually. BUT –  I have no shame. I bought them on sale so I pretty much saved money…. Right?

Below are some things I do to keep on top of sales – mainly online:

1. Sign up for newsletters and notifications
Stay on top of sales by knowing about them straight away. This way you can get in and buy everything you want before it runs out! Some shops also offer text alerts like MAC. I received a text message notifying me of their boxing day sale and managed to snap up the *sold out everywhere in store* gold glitter pigment set – AND get 25% off!

2. Read your junk mail 
Whether you’re on public transport on the  toilet (to each, their own), have a quick scroll down your junk mail.  If you’ve sign up to newsletters in the past, you will receive “VIP offers” or notifications of any sales that you can take advantage of.

3. End of season sale
I know some people don’t like buying clothes at the end of the season (e.g jumpers/sweaters at the end of winter/start of spring) in fear of it going out of style by the time winter comes around again. But let me tell you – mainstream fashion doesn’t move that fast. Whilst there may be a different accessory to wear with your cable knit jumper in Winter ’17, it still goes over your head and has room for two arms.

4. Shop regularly
You don’t have to buy something every time, but keeping an eye out for sales really helps. Stores like Myer and David Jones have heavy clearances every couple of months or so and I’ve stumbled across them simply by walking in store.

As simple as this rule sounds, it’s one I live by and one that works!

Stay tuned for some of my favourite shopping sites and fab finds – on sale!



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