Frankie and Lou Essential Facial Oil 

Want to wake up with baby soft, hydrated skin? You need to try Frankie Lou essential facial oil.

 As you’ve probably heard me complain about by now, I have ridiculously dry skin. So, so dry that if I don’t moisturise, my face feels like it’s about to crack. Whilst moisturiser and night creams help, nothing is as good as a facial oil. I know the thought of putting oil on your face can sound quite daunting but just hear me out!

I’ve spent the past couple of months applying Frankie Lou lavender and orange essential facial oil post shower, before bed every night and every morning, I have woken up with a face as soft and smooth as a baby’s butt. Although it is an oil, it doesn’t just create a layer on your skin. It penetrates and hydrates. It’s a very “thin” oil and I know that sounds weird – I mean, aren’t all oils thin? They are liquid after all? But this oil is very lightweight. Also, my skin just sucks it all in.

It smells like citrus and lavender but not in an overpowering kind of way. And, after a while, the smell fades.

The oil itself is a yellow colour but this does not show up on the skin when dissolved.

 The packaging itself is useful. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper so you don’t have to pour it out into your hand. The label is made of paper and I’d say this is the only downside. If you’re messy like me, the label gets damaged by oil dripping out the outside. This is a shame as the logo is so pretty!

 I took a while to test this product before I wrote this review because I wanted to see if there were any long term effects. After using this every night for a month and a half, I haven’t seen any DRASTIC changes in my skin overall but I have been enjoying the feeling of waking up with supple skin every morning. I have noticed a slight decrease in redness in my skin and am looking forward to this continuing over time. Obviously long term improvements will take some time so I will keep you updated!

A bit about the company:
Frankie and Lou is an Australian skincare brand created made of natural ingredients that will love your skin. They have a great range of products including face and body scrubs (they have a choc-coconut one!), clay masks, facial oils and white chocolate lip balm! Yes, WHITE CHOCOLATE LIP BALM! (Up on the online store very soon!)

After the performance of this facial oil, I’m making an order for a scrub, mask and lip balm soon!


  • Hydrates dry, dull skin
  • Smooths the surface of the skin – creating perfect base for makeup
  • Perfect replacement for a night cream
  • Creates a natural glow
  • Isn’t overly greasy
  • Natural
  • Pleasant scent
  • Convenient packaging
  • Very reasonably priced (at $25 for 50mL)


Um…. There are none!

If you’d like to hear more about Frankie & Lou, visit their Instagram, Facebook and online store.

*This product was generously gifted but all opinions in this post are of my own.

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