Too Faced: Sweet Peach palette 


So today I’ll be giving you my honest opinion on the highly sought after Too Faced Sweet Peach palette which may or may not make you feel better if you missed out!

If you’re in Australia, you’ll know that the release was a joke. Mecca announced that it would be released in the morning without providing a proper time and then announced the next morning that there was a glitch and it didn’t go up in the site as planned. Also, although it was limited edition, it took a few days to sell-out. This was a slap in the face for those of us who had waited up all night, lined up outside stores and involved ourselves in te chaos of the launch. Regardless, I got my hands on a palette after a lot of work and issues with Mecca postage too.

There have been many mixed reviews floating around in regards to this palette. Some love it, some hate it. Too Faced are known for their limited edition, quirky palettes and this one ticks that box. After falling in love with the Chocolate Bar palette, I had high hopes for the Sweet Peach palette but was kind of disappointed.

The Packaging
The packaging takes its cue from the Chocolate Bar palette series but instead of the chocolate pieces embossed, it has peaches. The palette is made from the same sturdy metal casing which is great for travelling. It does contain a mirror but is annoyingly half covered by the name “Sweet Peach”. For someone like me, with glasses, I have to hold the mirror quite close to my face and now, even closer.


The Smell and Taste
As promised, the palette smells like peaches. Not so much the natural, fruity scent as it is the candy peach heart lollies. The smell is quite strong when you open the palette but you can’t smell it when shadows are applied. I accidentally licked my finger after doing swatches and it tastes sweet! (I don’t recommend licking your palette though.)

The Shadows
Unlike the Chocolate Bar palette, you get 18 shades and not 16. I do prefer this as the base shades have always been unused as they were too light.

The colour range of this palette was a bit of a surprise to me. I expected it to contain a lot more warm, orange shades than it actually does. Of course it’s better to have a wider range in a palette but if I were to look at the palette without knowing the theme, I would never guess peaches!

The left side of the palette contains soft neutral, pink tones. The shadows are not as good as the Chocolate Bar palette. They are not as opaque and take some work to show up on my darker skin. The best shade from this side would have to be Luscious which is a shimmery orange-pink which reminds me of MAC’s Tan eyeshadow. I was severely disappointed by Candied Peach which was meant to be a bright pastel pink with specks of glitter. The shadow was not opaque at all. Although, I have seen it swatched on others and seemed to be fine? You can definitely get some colour if you rub at it!

L-R: White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Peaches N’ Cream, Georgia & Caramelized.

The right side contains all the darker shades. The green and purples were unexpected additions to the palette. Unfortunately some of the matte shades were patchy and not opaque. They required a primer to hold onto their colour. The black Tempting is nice though!

L-R: Bless Her Heart, Tempting, Charmed I’m Sure, Bellini, Peach Pit, Delectable, Puree, Summer Yum & Talk Derby To Me.

When applying, my brush kicked up quite a bit of shadow and there was some fall out – especially with the matte shades. To make the shadows stand out, I had to use a light based primer and pat the shadows on, having to dip into the palette several times.

Was this palette worth it?
If you’re into completing your collection, then I definitely think it’s a must! But as an everyday/useable palette, I definitely prefer the chocolate bar palette a lot more! It’s a nice palette with some standouts. There aren’t many unique colours in there but it’s a nice set to play around with.

Did you pick one up? How are you finding it?

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