Maybelline: Top 5 Faves


So Maybelline is 50% off at Priceline (Australian Drug Store) and I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while so I thought now would be the perfect timing!

maybelline haul.jpg

1. FIT ME Concealers

These concealers are the best! They are creamier than the NARS Creamy Concealer and don’t crease. The only downfall would be the shade range but even so, I’ve found one colour for highlighting (it’s quite light so I don’t pack it in and make sure I blend it out properly) and another for concealing. Unfortunately there isn’t a shade dark enough for contouring on my skin tone.

2. FIT ME Foundation

Just like the concealer, the texture of this foundation is amazeee. It comes in dewy and smooth for the dry skin peeps and matte and poreless for the oily skins! Now I cant speak for the matte and poreless (but i’ve heard it’s great) but the dewy and smooth leaves my skin looking dewy and the formula is buildable.

Special Mention – Foundation
The Dream Velvet foundation range is new to Australia and it’s got this new whipped formula. It’s soft-matte and hydrating which means that dry skin gals like me can use it (although I still prefer my dewy foundations). For the super oily skinned peeps, I think this may not last as long – but it is great for the normal-combo skin!

3. COLOURSHOW Nail Polish

I say this every time there’s a sale on Maybelline but y’all really have to get around the Maybelline ColourShow nailpolishes! They are opaque and the shape of the brush is great for gettinga as close to the cuticle as possible. There are so many colours in the range with these, the Blushes Nudes, being the newest! They are limited edition though!

Colours L-R: Mod Mauve, Crimson Flush, Dusty Rose & Make Me Blush


As gimmicky as I thought this would be, it has actually become a must in my nail routine. It takes off the nail polish with little effort and the remover doesn’t sting my skin like some others have.

It seems like a redundant product but it saves time and you won’t have any spills. The big one for me is that if I stuff up one nail, I can just dip it in and remove it without having to take out a cotton ball and potentially getting it stuck to my other nails and getting furry nails. Or… is that just me!

5. Maybelline Mascara Range

Maybelline, hands-down, have the best range of drugstore mascara. The have mascara that volumises, lenghtnes, separates lashes and just for every day. My personal go-to’s are:
Falsies Push-Up Drama: This is the latest addition to the Maybelline Mascara family. It mainly adds length but has the tendency to stick all the lashes together. I use this either with another mascara with shorter bristles or swipe a spoolie through it.
Falsies (Orignal): This adds great length and volume or every day!
Volume Express: This is kind of like Falsies but separates the lashes better.
*Lash Sensational: This got better the more I used it as the liquid started thickening up which added volume. My first few uses were disappointing as the formula was too slick and just stuck my lashes together. After a  few weeks, it started drying – just a bit! This made it look better on the lashes!

Special Mentions:
– Master Contour Kit
Whilst the contour shade is too light as a proper contour, the blush and highlight are gorgeous!

– Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick
Whilst they don’t dry matte (more like a stain), these are so comfortable on the lips!
Full swatches and review here:
1 min swatch fest here:

If you’d like to see more about Maybelline’s latest releases, watch this video! ->

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