3INA Haul

Hey guys!

I’m back with a 3INA (pronounced “mina”) haul! This brand is new to Aus and has been popping up in their own stores all over the place. I took a stroll around their perfectly colour-coordinated store the other day and picked up a few things that I thought you guys would be interested in!
mina haul
Firstly, I want to talk about the brand and the stores themselves. 3INA is all about “freedom of expression” and stocks amazingly bright coloured mascara, polish and lipstick. All their products are under AUD$30 and are cruelty free. Most are vegan, with only the lipsticks containing beeswax.

3INA aren’t available in any other store other than their own stand-alone stores. These stores are completely white and all the products are broken up into categories – eyeshadows, blush, foundation etc, and then broken up once again according to colour. It is so, so satisfying to walk in and see everything so organised. It also makes it easier to shop. If one lipstick colour doesn’t work for you, it’s easier to find a shade lighter or darker. The atmosphere in there is great to shop in as well. I went in with friends who are very un-makeup-y and even they mentioned how much they enjoyed the space. There is no loud, pumping music like in Sephora or butt loads of people like in Mecca. Also, the prices are so reasonable!


Volumising Mascara AUD$13.95
Unfortunately this product was not as great as the rest. It barely did anything for my lashes and there are definitely some cheaper ones (e.g Essence) that do a better job.


Automatic Eye Pencil $12.50
This pencil glided on nicely and had great pigmentation. Whilst it does the job, it isn’t as long lasting or smudge proof as some others on the market (e.g Maybelline 24hr Gel Liner). It has a smudger on the other side with is great to create a soft line.


Liquid Eyeliner $12.95
I fell in love instantly as the pen tip hit the surface of my hand as I swatched this baby. If you don’t want to shell out the money for the Stila Stay All Day or Kat Von D Tattoo or Ink liners but don’t find the Maybelline ones dark enough, this may be for you. It is black. It has the same darkness as some of my higher end liners and not the charcoal grey you can get with some cheaper alternative.

However, there are some things I noticed. The pen tip at the store was soft and brush like and smoothly glided across my skin. The pen tip of the liner I brought home was stiff. It still produced the pigment and the lines I wanted but not as well as it did in store. After a few  uses, it has started to soften and become what I saw and tried in store.


Foundation $24.50
What I loved most about 3ina was their range of colours. They have everything. From black lipstick to green mascara, they have everything in different colours. So, it only made sense that they had a rather extensive colour range of foundations.
I picked up the 3-in-1 foundation which claims to not only be a foundation, but a concealer and primer as well. The finish isn’t dry af matte, but it isn’t dewy either. It’s very “skin”. It has buildable coverage but applies light – medium.


Highlighter $16.95

Oh. My. God. These highlighters are so so beautiful! They aren’t chalky and powdery like a lot of highlighters on the market at the moment. The original purpose of highlighter is to add a glow to the natural parts of your face and that’s exactly what these do. They are shimmery – not glittery!


Lipstick $14.95
Surprisingly, I only purchased one lipstick. There are several colours including blue, green and black as well as many finishes – matte, long lasting etc. I picked up a matte lipstick and it’s pretty long lasting and has great pigmentation!

3INA is definitely worth a look at! I loved the quality of all of these (minus the mascara – which may work on different type of lashes). Have you tried anything from 3INA?

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