Nailhur: Fake Reusable Nails

Want insta-worthy claws without the nail damage/ excessive costs to get them continuously filled in? Look no further!

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Manicure: Orchid Day Spa via Vaniday

I got ma nails diiidddd! I love getting manicures and pedicures and everything in between. I mean who doesn’t?

People usually get their nails done when they’re on the go and look for the most convenient locations, which they THINK are only in shopping centres. Having to sit in the stench of acetone and wait whilst the nail technicians finish off somebody else’s toes before moving onto you. Shopping trolleys awkwardly in the way. Nope, not relaxing at all.

I recently went to Orchid Day Spa located in the Melbourne CBD and it. Was. Great. I’m guilty of the above. I’ll admit it. But now that I’ve experienced what a relaxing manicure is meant to be like – I am never going back.

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Nail Art Tutorial: Monarch Butterfly Wings

Want nails that remind you of spring time and nature and all things pretty? A small escape from the gale force winds and gloomy weather we’re having? Then this tutorial is for you! This design requires pretty much no skill at all and no real nail tools!

The monarch butterfly wing nail design is one the easiest yet effective nail designs I have ever done. The whole thing took me around one and a half hours and I managed to make it last for a couple of weeks! (Which is a long time for me!)


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