Nail Art Tutorial: Christmas Baubles

So Christmas is tomorrow and you didn’t get a nance to get your nails did? Don’t worry – I got you covered. Here are the easiest christmas nails I have ever done in my life using just a toothpick.

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The Parcel by Marie Claire: Winter Edition

So apparently I was one of the very first people to receive the box this time around! Too bad I wasn’t able to blog about until now – after exams. Grr! How’d the Winter edition go? I loved it. There are mixed reviews floating around but I can safely say I loved it. The Autumn edit was a bit of a bummer for me – there were complexion products and they just did not work on me as they were way too light. I loved the Winter edit so much, I signed on for another 2 years lol whoops 😛 Let’s take a look inside! Continue reading