Ottoman3 Brow Threading Service and Product Review

When I was younger, I would never have guessed that eyebrows would become such an important part of my life. I never knew they needed to be “on point” or “fleeking”. I just knew I had to have 2 of them!

My usual routine is to get them threaded and then keep them clean by tweezing any stray hairs. I never pluck from the top because I’m afraid of over-plucking so I need a threading ever month or so.

Embarrassingly enough, my eyes tear up when I get my threading done. When my right eyebrow is getting done, my right eye leaks. I don’t know why and no I am not crying!!

Recently, I had the opportunity to get an Ottoman3 experience. Ottoman3 is a brow studio located in Melbourne ( located in Highpoint, Watergardens and Melbourne Central) who also stock brow products online for the rest of Aus (with free shipping!)! I visited the Melourne Central (MC) store and was greeted warmly by the brow technician. The MC store is a smaller booth located on Level 1 off the walkway bridge to Emporium. It’s a lovely spot as it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the main stores and food court decorated with teal and gold features.

When telling my friends that I got my eyebrows done – it just didn’t feel right. It was more than that. At my normal place, I just go in, sit down and say I’d like a clean up. Half an hour later, (and a few tears later) it would be done. At Ottoman3, I was seated on a really comfortable reclining chair and the brow technician handed me a mirror and spent some time talking about my eyebrows. She measured up where my brows should start and end and where the peak should be. I then lay down and the magic  began!

With short, sharp flicks  she was able to shape my brows in no time at all. This was followed up by a little massage whilst she applied aloe vera to the areas she threaded. (Sooo gooood!) She then went in with some tweezers and plucked some stubborn strays. Whilst usual threading services stop here, the technician continued with filling in my brows. She first used the Ottoman3 Duo Brush #1  spooly end to brush my brows in place. Then, using the Ottoman3 Brow Pencil in Rich Brown she lined the top and bottom and filled in the ends and brushed the spooly through to make them look more natural. She then went in with the Ottoman3 Brow Bone Highlighter underneath and above my brows to clean them up a bit and set them into place with Ottoman3 Clear Brow Gel.

I loved them! They have never been so sharp and defined! I will definitely be going back!

Before and after!

Keep an eye out for reviews on the brow products !

* Please note that this service and products were gifted but the opinions stated here are all my own.

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