The Best Of 2015

2015 has definitely been the year in which I REALLY got into makeup and beauty. I went from learning how to use orange skin correcter to recolour my pigmentation to being able to know exactly what product you were talking about when you mentioned just a little bit about it. Makeup has gone from a hobby to a full fledged addiction!

Here’s what I discovered this year!

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer
With ridiculously dry skin, I struggle with keeping my foundation non-flakey. I can moisturise as much as I want before I apply my foundation, but with a primer it just does not work. Until I tried this beautiful blue potion! I was a bit thrown off by the colour at first, a bright pastel blue, but once I put it on my skin I knew it was going to work! I use just a little bit and focus on applying it to my driest/caking areas – laugh lines, around the nose and around the outside of my face.

Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set (12 brushes)
Ok you know how people always say a builder never blames his tools? Well I blame all the brushes I had been using before this set for my mediocre shadow blending skills. These brushes are a must have! At least the 228 Luxe Crease and 142 Concealer Buffer. The brushes are made from both natural and synthetic hairs and are sooooo soft but firm. Best. Investment. Ever.

Inglot Gel Liner #77
The blackest black I have ever used. A lot of black gel liners appear charcoal/grey when applied but this goes on boldly black. Also, it has incredible staying power. It doesn’t smudge and can last in the rain. It’s difficult to remove – takes coconut oil – which means I only use it if I’m wearing it the whole day or a big night. If I’m just popping out I still use my Tarte Tartiest Amazonian Clay Liner because it is easier to use and is easier to take off. This liner comes in a pot and a little goes a long way so I know it will last me 2016!

Josie Maran Black Argan Oil Mascara
Oil? Mascara? Yes you heard me. I have a whole review on this baby and it has become the best mascara I have used in a while. The oil promotes growth and keeps the lashes healthy. The mascara itself creates a cocoon around each lash making the lashes appear more voluminous. This also means it’s easier to remove as it does cling on to the lashes like fibres but instead, slides off. This is the first mascara I ever properly finished and even at $31 each – I didn’t hesitate to repurchase!

Hylamide Pore Corrector 
Hydraline is a new brand under the umbrella company, 10DECEIM, that I have been trialling. This product comes in a medicine/eyedrop – looking bottle and claims to blur out any pores and imperfections. And it does. There have been days where I can just apply this to my t zone, forehead and chin and get away with wearing no facial product. The formula dries matte so it looks like you’re wearing product but in a natural way?

Benefit Watts Up 
2015 was definitely all about the highlight. My favourite highlight would have to be Benefit Watts Up. As a cream product, it is very easy to work with. It comes in a stick with a blending sponge on the other end. The highlight isn’t too shimmery but captures the light well and is a perfect base to add powder to for an intense look. I love this for an every day makeup look.

Chi Chi Blending Sponges
4 sponges for $15. Does it get any better than that? Chi Chi have been killing it with their products lately. Their range of lipsticks and shadows are amazing enough but after trying these sponges – I am sold. Each sponge in this package has a different shape to get around the corners of the face. Having used Beauty Blenders in the past, I can say these sponges are comparable. they are softer than beauty blenders but as long as you continue the push and twist motion, they have the same effect.

Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream
Though the price is quite steep, I haven’t used any other moisturiser that is able to reduce redness as quickly as this. It’s great for dry skin and hydrates without looking greasy.

Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal
This face mask is the best mask for its’ price. Though it has a strong citrus scent – which may annoy some – it brightens my face up to an obvious extent. It also plumps the skin. Also, you don’t need a lot so one bottle should last a while!

Aaaaaand that’s it! What did you like last year? Tried any of these?

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